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Hiring Brand Ambassadors: Unlock Your Business Potential

We create the ultimate customer experience for your products and move them off the shelf and to the table like no one else.​

Welcome to Flavor Fanatics! We understand the importance of effective brand representation, which is why we offer exceptional brand ambassador services to elevate your company, products, or services. Our brand ambassadors are skilled professionals who embody your brand's image and personality, serving as the face of your business.

By leveraging the influence of our brand ambassadors, you can significantly increase awareness and drive sales. Their primary role is to endorse and promote your brand, engaging with your target audience and appealing directly to your demographic.

What sets our brand ambassadors apart is their culinary skills, extensive experience, and comprehensive training. We carefully select individuals with engaging personalities, ensuring that they stand out from the crowd and effectively captivate your audience.

Rest assured that our brand ambassador staff is fully vetted, guaranteeing their professionalism and dedication to representing your brand. 

Choose Flavor Fanatics for exceptional brand ambassador services. Let us help you establish a powerful brand presence, increase awareness, and boost your sales. Contact us today to get started!

Brand Ambassador

My name is Carol Wellins and I am the CEO (Chief Eating Officer) of

Flavor Fanatics In Store Marketing Services.


I grew up in my family's restaurant working at the intersection of food and people. My lifelong passion for great food and social interaction, combined with customer engagement, sales and presentation skills led me to my current career as In Store Marketer.  All of our Brand Ambassadors share this passion and I receive compliments on their outstanding performance from department managers and distributors regularly.

Contact me if you are interested in career of Brand Ambassador. We currently provide demo services from San Diego to Seattle. See what our Brand Ambassadors say about  their experience working with Flavor Fanatics.

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