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Brand Ambassador Agency: In Store Demos and Sampling

Our Specialty Food Demo and Brand Ambassador Agency
offers a "nose to tail" service that includes in store demo scheduling with stores, coordinating with distributors, brand ambassadors management, demo reporting, and data analytics.​

​We take complete responsibility for the entire process of in-store demo marketing, so our customers can focus on what they do best.

Legendary Brands: Unforgettable Experiences With In-Store Demos, Brand Ambassadors & Sampling

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In-store demos have proven to be a very powerful way for many developing brands to introduce their products to consumers. Admittedly, retailers frequently start in-store marketing campaigns as a requirement for stocking brand-new, unknown products. These demos are frequently led by the brand owner. Even though you feel "coerced," it's difficult to ignore the importance of this direct sort of experiential marketing effort. As customers get a chance to experience your product, you get a chance to see how they react right away.

There comes a point when you need to concentrate on growing your business, even while learning possibilities and the emotional satisfaction of a relationship with your clients are so valuable. Unfortunately, you cannot do everything that needs to be done, despite the fact that it is difficult to think that anyone could possibly promote your product with greater zeal and competence than you do.  You need to expand into new markets, hire new distributors, and generally carry out the duties of the brand owner. When it comes to well-designed in store sampling campaigns that can help you scale your operations quickly, a genuinely good field marketing management partner, like Flavor Fanatics In Store Marketing, can be a huge assist.

Store Sampling Event Management for CPG Brands


Flavor Fanatics Creates Customer Experiences That Drive Sales


When it comes to marketing CPG brands in a retail environment, customers are looking for more than slick advertising and flashy packaging – they want an experience! Store demo events provide the ability to not only showcase new products but also to deliver a memorable customer experience to get people talking.


Brand Ambassador Events Staffing in

California, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas.

Unfortunately, marketing professionals in the CPG sector are often pressed for time, and many find it challenging to tackle all that needs to be done to schedule and manage in-store promotion events. It can be hard to put all of the pieces together between managing your brand management operations and trying to coordinate all that needs to be done to create and promote valuable customer experiences through in-store marketing events.


Because of the challenges involved in coordinating a successful store demo event and managing your production and distribution, the customer experience can suffer along with marketing efforts and sales. You need a partner to put all the pieces together and coordinate brand ambassadors, scheduling, and reporting.


Flavor Fanatics is the Best Choice for In-Store Demos Management


Thankfully, you can count on Flavor Fanatics for solutions. We specialize in store sampling marketing management, and we can help with everything from a high-end cheese tasting promotion to a beverage showcase and beyond. Our team utilizes proprietary digital tools combined with years of experience in the Grocery space to handle all the hard work to provide your customers with a memorable experience.


We know that supporting sales through in-store marketing is crucial in the digital age as people share updates about their experiences with CPG brands every single day online. You want to give people a reason to spread the word about your products and the overall experience your demo event provides. Our team is passionate about supporting these efforts, and we can help you navigate complex demo event coordination with ease, allowing our clients the ability to grow into new markets and increase word-of-mouth marketing.


The Benefits of In Store Demo Marketing

If you haven’t given much thought to the value of in-store promotion and marketing events, below are some of the many benefits of allowing Flavor Fanatics to serve as your in store demo management partner:


  • Generates word-of-mouth marketing opportunities

  • Allows you to showcase new products as well as build support for existing product lines

  • Increase sales opportunities to shoppers who are already in a store

  • Scale retail coverage according to regional market share and footprint growth plans


How Our Brand Ambassador Company Can Help To Grow Your Business Today?

In-Store Demo Company


When you partner with our in-store demo companies to market your brand, you receive exceptional attention to detail from the very start. We understand that precise execution requires dedicated planning, so we take care of campaign planning as well as scheduling and coordination between stores, brokers, and distributors.


Our expert brand ambassadors company also assists with pre-demo product inventory validation to ensure your event is stocked and ready to provide shoppers with an experience they won't forget. Flavor Fanatics also recognizes the value of accountability, so we deliver in-store GPS attendance verification and professional and reliable brand ambassadors to support your marketing efforts.


In addition, our team provides reporting and analytics to help you evaluate the performance of each event and an entire campaign. This data is vital when crafting and refining marketing opportunities in the retail space. Using the reports we generate, you gain a better understanding of specific elements of in-store marketing from the optimal times of the week to hold events to which retail locations are showing the highest levels of customer engagement. Our reporting allows for deeper insight into campaign creation to streamline your marketing and provide prospective customers with the best experiences possible.


About Flavor Fanatics


Flavor Fanatics is dedicated to the art of excellence in experiential marketing. We recognize the enduring value that field marketing provides in creating memorable customer experiences, and we’ve been instrumental in crafting and supporting in-store demo events for incredible CPG brands at specialty retail locations for more since 2008.


Food is one of the few things in life that has the power to bring people together. The thrill of trying something new and the satisfaction that comes from finding a new favorite item or brand can be a transformative experience, and we’re proud to support the efforts of the brands in the pursuit of changing lives through food. Whether you are interested in expanding your territorial reach or want to test new products in different markets, we’re ready to help you connect with customers, increase sales and generate word-of-mouthing marketing opportunities.


Contact us today to discuss your demo marketing plans.


Contact Flavor Fanatics today to learn more about how our in-store marketing solutions can help your next sampling event create memorable customer experiences. 

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